Security Doors

Core Performance Characteristics

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Security and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. Teckentrup insulated 62mm steel doorsets are heavy-duty products that provide security to both persons and goods within the various spaces of a building.

Teckentrup, using state-of-the-art techniques, manufactures a wide range of steel security and multi-purpose doors.

They are ideal for every type of buildings, offering the ultimate protection of everyone and everything inside them.


  • Ballistic and Prison versions available
  • EN1627 to RC4, LPs 1175 to SR3
  • Available in different sizes
  • Customized in any architectural style
  • Provide maximum security and protection
  • Polyester Powder Coat finished in any RAL colour

Performance security

Steel security rated doors are designed to withstand physical attack for varying periods of time, with a variety of attack tools. The longer the attack time, and the more aggressive the tools used, the higher the doors’ performance rating.

They do not look unusual at first glance, but they are there when things get tough. And they can keep even armed intruders out. Teckentrup security doors are thus suitable for all high-risk areas.

  • Security rooms in airports and train stations
  • Police stations
  • Banks, financial institutions
  • Court buildings
  • Police sections at large venues
  • Private buildings with high security requirements

Teckentrup steel fire doors and doorsets have been tested to:

  • European Security Standard EN1627 achieving RC2, RC3 & RC4 ratings
  • Exova Security Standard STS202 achieving BR1, BR2 & BR3 ratings
  • LPS 1175 Security Standard achieving SR1, SR2 & SR3 ratings
  • EN1634-1 achieving 120 minutes fire integrity and 60 minutes fire insulation
  • European Standards EN1628 & 1629 for static and dynamic loading
  • ISO12567-1 achieving a UD value of 1.1 W/m2/K°
  • EN12207 for air permeability achieving Class 2/4* for a single and Class 1/3* for a double leaf door * Single point/Multi-point locking
  • EN12208 for water tightness achieving Class 7A for a single and Class 6A for a double leaf door
  • EN12210 for wind resistance achieving Class 3/5 for a single and Class 1/3 for a double leaf door
  • A 62mm insulated door set, fitted with heavy duty ‘KO’ hinges has been tested to EN1191 for repeated opening and closing to C5 level – 200,000 cycles

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Exclusive representative in Cyprus of the German company TECKENTRUP for specialized garage doors, roller shutters, fire protection and multipurpose doors for residential and industrial use.

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