Swing Gate Openers

The German company Marantec is a world leading door and gate openers manufacturer. The main objective is that the doors, equipped with a Marantec motor, provide as much safety and comfort as possible using the latest technology.

The result is that the doors equipped with a Marantec automatic system can brake, feel and lock thanks to their special features which are analogous to Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), both fitted to vehicles. They are made of high quality materials to withstand all weather conditions such as rain, wind, cold and high temperatures.

They have 5 Years manufacturer’s Warranty.


Marantec sgd1
Small gate wings up to 2.5 metres
Marantec sgd2
Large gate wings up to 4.0 metres
Marantec Warranty 5years

The openers for lightweight swing gates

Our Comfort 515 and 516 opener series are just right for the job if you are looking to automate a lightweight one-wing or two-wing swing gate. Two different technologies which were developed for different conditions, but producing exactly the same result.

Underground openers

Comfort 585 and Comfort 586 are underground openers for one-wing and two-wing gate systems that are concealed in the ground, and operate the gate from below ground. The difference compared to overground openers is that you see virtually nothing except the arm attached to the gate. The opener itself is below ground and is protected by special layers of insulation.

The powerful openers for large swing gate systems

Extra strong but stylish: Openers in the Comfort 525 series for one and two-wing swing gates are designed with the focus on particularly effective power transmission for operating large, heavy gates, and also on guaranteeing extremely quiet operation. Comfort 525 consist of a piston that moves in and out during opening and closing.

The powerful opener for large swing gate systems, part 2

Just as strong and stylish as any openers in the 525 series, the only difference lies in its appearance - and that, as we all know, is a matter of taste. Comfort 530 L openers transfer force through a carriage fitted in the housing. In this way, the inner workings are hidden completely out of sight and are also protected from pollutants.

With hinged bracket for XXL gateposts

Comfort 560 is specially designed for wide gateposts. Thanks to its flexible-use hinged bracket, it is even able to automate non-standard gate constructions. The control is ready integrated in the opener housing: There is also an integrated LED light provided specifically for the yard entrance.

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